Legendaries Guide

Arceus - Event only

Action Replay:
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Articuno - 
Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver and FireRed/LeafGreen – First, you'll need to obtain all 16 badges to make the legendary birds appear. Articuno can be found in the depths of the Seafoam Islands which you will need Surf to reach. Make sure you've got a Pokemon with the HM move Strength, as you'll need to move some boulders around to reach Articuno. He's roughly level 50, so make sure to bring an appropriate team.

Pokemon Platinum – Once you get the National Dex, the three Legendary Birds (Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos) will be roaming Sinnoh in the same way that Cresselia and Mesprit jumped around from place to place. Use your Marking Map Poketch app to see their current locations and track them down. Once the encounter begins, use a Pokemon with the Mean Look move to prevent each bird from fleeing (or better yet, use a Wobbuffet – its Shadow Tag ability will automatically prevent the bird from fleeing, even if you switch it out) and you should have all three in no time.

Azelf - 

Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum – Once you’ve beaten Team Galactic at Mt. Coronet, the lake trio of legendaries (Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie) will become available. You’ll find Azelf at Lake Valor.
Celebi - Event Only

Action Replay Code: (L+R before going into Pokemart)

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Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum – After beating the Elite 4 and obtaining the National Dex, head to Canalave City. On the west side of the city by the boat dock is a house with a sleeping boy in it. Talk to the boy, then take the boat across to Fullmoon. Follow the path (there’s only one way you can go) until you reach Cresselia, who will immediately flee when you approach. Make sure to grab the Lunar Wing she leaves behind, and bring it back to the sleeping boy to cure him. Now you’ll be able to find Cresselia roaming around Sinnoh (use the Marking Map Pokeketch app to view her current location).